Nahe Valley and Hunsrück

Nahe Valley: This is a landscape that has been cultivated since ancient times. In Celtic times grapes were grown here and in Roman times there existed a multitude of magnificent luxury villas with floor heating and large floor mosaics, which are without parallel north of the Alps. This, however, also indicates a very mild climate and one of the regions in Germany with the least precipitation. There are three spas, which benefit from the geological features of this region.

Hunsrück Region: Prominent rock formations encompass vast plateaus. There are deeply cut creek valleys, swampy moors on the slopes of the mountain range ("Brüche"), and many old-growth forests with characteristic plant and animal communities. There is also farmland with fields and pastures for free-ranging livestock. The natural boundaries of this region are formed by the course of the Nahe river in the south, the Saar far to the west, the Mosel in the north and the Rhine in the east.

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